Troy SC Yearbook

Troy Skating Club's

2020-2021 Yearbook

This is an opportunity to share your amazing year in skates! 

Troy Skating Club is starting a yearbook. We are hoping that you will make it spectacular by creating your own pages full of pictures and information to show the club highlights. 

2020-2021 Yearbook Deadline: MAY 17th

How to make this happen:

Create yearbook style pages using pictures of you skating: be it practice, training, performing or participating in club activities etc., we want you to share.  

You are encouraged to write a description of the picture which would highlight the “who, what, when and where” of what you are showing.   As you build your page, try to keep the information related to the current skating year; however, there are fantastic ways to include a throwback picture if dates and relationships can be shared ie: skating together at age 5 and now skating together coaching or competing. 


You may create and submit as many pages as you like in order to display your year-in-review.  Each page you submit will cost $5.  Completed pages will be turned into  PDFs for printing. Every Troy Skating Club member who contributes one or more pages will be provided one copy of the yearbook.  Additional copies may be purchased by non-members, as well as members. Pages and additional yearbooks can be purchased through the club website,

While this publication is intended for Troy Skating Club members and their immediate families, copies will be retained by Troy Skating Club as a picture history of its members.  We do ask that if you are including a picture that shows members or non-members other than yourself, please obtain written consent via the MEDIA RELEASE FORM as required by Troy Skating Club. 

If you have additional questions, please contact a Troy Skating Club Board Member. Email completed pages to Nan Conard at


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