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Holiday Exhibition

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When is it?

Our Annual Holiday Exhibition will take place on Sunday, November 27th  at 4:15pm. The show will run until approximately 5:30pm. Skaters will be expected to arrive at least 45 min prior to show time. The show is FREE and open to the public so please invite your family and friends to join us. 

Who can perform?

All skaters involved with Troy Skating Club have the opportunity to participate in this event. Skaters in Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills, Freeskate and Hockey Skills may participate in small group numbers. Group numbers will be determined by the total number of skaters and skill level. Any skaters Basic 6 and up may participate in Duos or Trios. Any skaters Freeskate 1 and above have the opportunity to have a solo. There will also be a group performance for ASPIRE Skaters and Troy Skating Club skaters.

What about music?

Skaters may choose their own music. Music selections for  Skaters Freeskate 1 and above should not exceed 2 minutes. Music selections for skaters Pre-FreeSkate & below cannot exceed 1 minute.  Music selections are available on a first come first serve basis. Music must be submitted for approval by the Skating Director. No skater will be skating to the same piece of music. It is the skater's responsibility to coordinate their music and choreography with a private lessons coach. A coach may also be able to assist you with your music edits. Music selections must be submitted to the Skating Director (skatingdirectortroyskatingclub@gmail.com) for approval no later than November 6th.

When do they practice? 

Soloists, Duos, and Trios are to work on their exhibition performances on their own time. Skaters and their coaches will choreograph and rehearse these during their practice times. If you have a skater who wants to do a solo, duo or trio and doesn’t have a coach to assist we can help arrange one for you.


ASPIRE group performance rehearsal will take place during ASPIRE classes on Saturday mornings beginning October 29th.


Saturday October 29th; 11:00am - 12:15pm

Saturday November 12th; 11:00am - 12:15pm

Saturday November 19th; 11:00am - 12:15pm

Saturday November 26th; 9:00am - 10:00am

There will be more details on exactly what time your skater will rehearse to come. 

Costumes: Skaters performing in solos, duos, and trios must provide their own costumes. These can range from a regular skating dress, to something more elaborate. Costumes must be age and occasion appropriate. Props are allowed. Group performance costumes will be determined by the skating director and will be the responsibility of the skater. We will make every effort to keep these costumes simple, low cost and utilizing things skaters may already own.

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