45th Annual Kathy Slack Troy Summer Competition - QR Code & Program

Posted by Ashlee Cooke on

Hello Skaters and Coaches!


Welcome to Competition Weekend! We are so excited to kick off the weekend with a test session this afternoon and then our first competition practice session. A couple of reminders before we begin tomorrow: 1) you may still purchase the live stream video, 2) there is no longer a spectator/chaperone limit for the competition, 3) there will not be any dressing rooms open during the competition.

Here is something new for the competition this year: All athletes and coaches will have a QR code on the back of their credential.  This QR code will have starting orders and live results.  This is active right now! I have attached a QR instructions sheet for you to review.  Please let me know if you need further assistance with this new feature.

The competition program is also linked in this post. In the program, you will see our amazing sponsors and also some great information.

If you need to reach me from now on, a text message is probably the fastest way to find me and get a response.

I look forward to seeing you very soon!

Kristina Ahlstrom


Live scoring link for the 45th Annual Kathy Slack Troy Summer Competition: QR Code
Click below for the full competition program

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