Private Instruction

Private lessons are great for any age and skill level. We have a group of well qualified instructors who take on skaters interested in private instruction, including hockey players. With private lessons your skater gets undivided attention with their chosen coach to work on learning new skills,and improving. Private lessons are also a great choice for those who are interested in testing and competition.

Why Private Lessons?

There are many reasons to begin private instruction in skating:

  • Skater is struggling to master certain skills
  • Skater would like to improve quicker
  • Skater learns best in an individual environment
  • Skater is interested in getting more involved in skating, competitions or USFS Testing
  • Hockey players looking to improve their skating skills

How do they work?

Private lessons are offered on Freestyle ice time as well as Club Ice time. Once you have chosen a coach, an arrangement is made between skater and coach for times and days that work best. Most lessons are 30 min long, however they can be arranged for shorter or longer amounts of time according to what the coach offers and the time and budget of the skater. The coach and skater meet at the agreed upon time and the coach guides the skater through the lesson and develops their skating according to their goals.

How much does it cost?

Private instruction is typically more expensive than group class options but the amount of lessons and their duration can be tailored by the coach to fit what the budget allows.

  • Coaches- Coaches set their own hourly rates and are paid directly by the skater/parent for their services. 
  • Ice Time- Freestyle ice time is paid for in the Recreation Department offices located upstairs at Hobart Arena. Ice time is $8 for 45 min Sept-April and $10 for 1 hour June-Jul. 

The total cost of each lesson is a combination of the rate paid directly to the coach and the ice time paid directly to the rink.

How do I pick a coach?

Choosing a coach can be difficult, especially if you are new to the skating world. All of our coaches are very qualified with many years of experience and various qualifications. You can learn more about our coaches on our Professionals page. Often if you have been a part of our program, your skater or the parent may have developed a report with a certain coach, which is usually a good place to start. If you are interested in lessons but are still unsure about who would be the best fit please contact us at:

You may contact coaches directly while at the rink or via their email listed on our professionals page as well.

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